"Canadian Distributors for Street Stepper Bikes Call 1-844-Stepper"

Street Stepper Bikes are Here... First in Canada. Streetstepper's gentle movement is low impact and makes no demands on the joints. This combination is simply unique.

About StreetStepper

Stand and Step Gym Alternative. Train and Move. Get Fit and Healthy Outdoors.

The Streetstepper is a completely new mode of transport which cleverly combines mobility with keeping fit.

The step levers operate independently from another, the upright position is comfortable from the word go.

Riding the Streetstepper is easy and incredibly good fun!

The combination of upright posture and low impact step movement is simply unique, making the Streetstepper one of the healthiest outdoor fitness apparatus on the market.

One frame size fits all, handlebar with adjustable height and position.

Streetstepper Models

Our line of StreetStepper Bikes

Streetstepper RS 20

RS 20 $3,495 plus taxes

  • Performance – The only performance Step Bike on Market, will do 15% plus grades
  • Stand-up and Ride – Reduces Back Pressure

Streetstepper Bike News

StreetStepper Canada is in the News…

We are showing off new StreetStepper bikes all over BC & Alberta

New MountainSteppers MT26 will be arriving soon.

New bikes from Streetstepper RS20 unveiled at Eurobike.


Streetstepper RS 20

Streetstepper RS 20




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Martin the Designer of Streetstepper

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New Phone Number for StreetStepper

Have questions? Need help? Please call our new toll-free phone...

9 Speed RS 20 Arriving April

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Streetstepper California Opens

We in Canada are so excited to have Patrick lang come on as the first rep for...

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