About StreetStepper

Stand and Step Gym Alternative. Train and Move. Get Fit and Healthy Outdoors.

The Streetstepper is a completely new mode of transport which cleverly combines mobility with keeping fit.

The step levers operate independently from another, the upright position is comfortable from the word go.

Riding the Streetstepper is easy and incredibly good fun!

The combination of upright posture and low impact step movement is simply unique, making the Streetstepper one of the healthiest outdoor fitness apparatus on the market.

One frame size fits all, handlebar with adjustable height and position.

History of StreetStepper Canada

We were introduced to StreetStepper by our accountant in 2011, he had been in Austria on holidays with his family when they had the opportunity to ride them. He instantly became attached to the StreetStepper. He emailed Martin and was told that at the moment they were not selling into North America. He then called me up and started to explain the bike to me and explained that the SS would be an awesome addition to our rental fleet and that at the same time he could purchase one. I kind of brushed him aside went on the website and still was not convinced.

I then showed my wife the StreetStepper and she immediately jumped on it, she got excited and when my wife gets excited things happen. She saw the immediate benefits of the SteetStepper. I contacted Martin in Austria and after a few emails he was ready to start in Canada. We are so excited with our new venture and the introduction of Moutainstepper will change the mountain bike world.


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